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There's a lot of Recruitment agencies out there and us folk sure get a bad rep. Since working in Recruitment I've learnt that often this is justified!

I've spoken with a few candidates recently who have told me they're dealing with 3 or 4 different recruitment agencies. I'll be honest at this point I've politely bowed out, given my email address and said "Get in touch if that doesn't work out for you".

People think that dealing with several agencies opens up more opportunities but often it has the adverse effect. Here are some common problems I'm seeing in the Manchester Architecture scene right now:

*Agencies sending out your CV to every contact they know, with or without your consent. This poses a problem when a) one of them is your current employer, and b) all the other recruitment agencies have done the same and you end up looking desperate. Do you know where your CV is going?

*Agencies throwing all CVs they have at a job (relevant or not). Busy Directors do NOT want to be sifting through a pile of CVs (that's the job of a recruiter), so you get lost within a stack that most probably gets put in the shredder.

*Bad mouthing and making up rubbish about other candidates, in the hope it puts their candidate in a better position. This one makes me really angry and happened to a cracking candidate of ours recently. No-one has the right to take that opportunity away from someone and they're especially keen on this if they find out a competitor put the candidate forward before they got in there!

Personally, I couldn't sleep at night doing things like that but thankfully I don't need to resort to underhand tactics to succeed, we're just good at what we do. Let me break it down:

I want a good chat to understand what you're looking for short and long term (what makes you tick, what you hate, what you want to develop, what's important to you). Do not speak politely and 'sell' yourself to me; speak with passion about what you love, have a good moan about what annoys you. Lets get to know each other and have a laugh.

I'll talk you through the different opportunities we have at the time, pros and cons of them and whether they're going to help you reach your long-term goals.

Once you've told me who you like, I'll pick up the phone or write a personal email and tell them all about your passions, what you're looking for in a next move, what you want to develop upon and why I think you're the person for them. I don't need to send any more CVs because I believe you're right for the role.

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect, the practices we're dealing with are super busy so we don't always get a response straight away and sometimes you may have to badger me for an update, but you can trust that you're at the heart of what I do. I believe there is a lot of trust put into a recruiter/candidate relationship. Give us a couple of weeks to get some options open for you and we will invest our time in finding the right move for you.

So if you want to chat about Architecture as an industry or know what opportunities are out there then give me a bell. I'm here to help the best I can. 01616721062 or sarah@aspirantcareers.com.

I'm pretty sure we've all had a recruitment horror story at some point, tell us yours!