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As many of our candidates will now know, there’s been some big changes as Aspirant Careers recently.

We’ve changed our name, our branding and now we have a shiny new website to top things off.

There’s a number of reasons for these changes but mainly we’ve decided to refocus the company and align our branding much more closely to the way we have operated since the start.

We realised that when we really think about what we do, it is all very focused on pleasing the most important component of any recruitment transaction; the candidate. And this is where our new brand will focus, we already are a 'Candidate Lead Recruitment Company', and that will now be a big part of our brand. 'Aspirant' connects nicely with the Aspiring individuals we deal with every day.

Our new website has been designed to help us in this mission.  It gives our candidates the ability to view all the jobs we’re advertising at any one time, apply for the ones that interest them, create a log in and profile and sign up for job alerts so they never miss an opportunity.

As you all will know by now, new GDPR rules mean that when it comes to your personal data, the power is back in your hands as to what happens to it.  Although we have always been careful with that data we hold on our candidates we’ve added new functionality to the website so that a candidate can easily request all the data we hold on them and can request complete deletion of the data we hold as part of their right to be forgotten. We’ve also created a new privacy policy which will give you all the information you need on how your data is used by us.

We’ve also included more detailed information on our company and our consultants so you can start getting to know us as well as we want to know you.  

So have a look around, let us know what you like and what we can still improve.