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Ed Maunder

Ed has a very Technical Recruitment background. Previous experience working with Automotive Engineers and Designers, gives him an edge working within a similar discipline with similar Technical and Design processes to Architecture. 

Ed covers Yorkshire & North East and is getting to know the scene very quickly. He works with a number of highly regarded organisations already. 

You will find that Ed is extremely methodical but still very personable. 

If you had your time again would you train as an Architect or Technician? Why?

I would train as a Technician, I enjoy looking at the technical details of how things are structured and understanding the nuts and bolts of how a building is put together.  Also the fact you can qualify quicker would appeal to me as I can be impatient at times.

Whats your favourite thing about dealing with Architectural professionals every day?

I find it interesting learning about the profession every day, how projects are put together and understanding in more detail the process of making very complex buildings. 

Whats your least favourite thing about the Architectural Industry?

I think that for a job that requires such a high level of skill and academic qualification the salaries in the industry should be much higher.

Favourite Building?

My favourite building is probably the Burj Khalifa, it wasn't a building that really appealed to me before visiting Dubai, but after seeing it in  person the size and structure of it is amazing.  I guess with buildings I think 'the bigger the better' which is ironic as I am physically very short!


In my spare time I enjoy walking my border terrier Max, I enjoy watching and playing football although I don't play as much as I used to! And I go to the gym to keep fit, although I wouldn't say I massively enjoy that I would much rather be in the pub!

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