Meet the team

Matt Kirk

Managing Director

Matt has only ever recruited in Architecture and now exclusively helps companies recruit executive talent. 

Be prepared for Matt to ask you uncomfortable questions no matter who you are. 

He is an expert at discreetly marketing candidates, and knows the UK Architectural Scene inside and out. If you're looking for a big opportunity or a hard to find Senior Candidate Matt will know exactly how to help you. 

If you had your time again would you train as an Architect or Technician? 

Technician! These days most organisations have Technical Associates, Directors and Project Leaders. It also takes less time to train for more or less the same money as an Architect. Also, my hand sketches would look like a 2 year old had drawn them. 

Whats your favourite thing about dealing with Architectural professionals every day?

Nearly every single person I deal with is extremely reliable, professional and completely down to earth. I have a laugh with every candidate and every employer which makes my day go quickly!

Whats your least favourite thing about the Architectural Industry?

Low pay! Especially for a qualified Architect! Most Architects train longer than Dentists and often longer than Doctors, but for half the pay after 10 years post qualification experience. It's getting better, but it still makes me cross!

Favourite Building?

My first house was a Grade II listed building near Parbold (Wigan area). An old two up, two down that was built around 1895, many of the original features were in amazing condition. It had it's quirks, but it was a great place to be!


Craft Beer, Good Food, Craft Beer, Exploring the Lake District, did I say Craft Beer?