Marketing Manager - Looking for a step up?

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    £30,000 - £40,000

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    Matt Kirk

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    about 1 year ago

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    Matt Kirk

Here are all of the reasons you might be looking at jobs right now:

Lack of progression, not enough responsibility, not excited by your current job, lack of learning and development, no involvement in decision making... if your title is 'Marketing Manager', then you're a manager in name only. 

If you're also worried that you're in a workplace where you'll be stuck on £25k - £35k forever and want more, we can help you fix that as well as all of the above. 

There's nobody looking over your shoulder in this job. From day one the only people you will report to are the board of Directors. You're in control of your workload and get treated like a responsible and valuable individual to the organisation. 

You will get extensive admin support so you can focus on the core parts of your job. This will include keeping the creative, strategic, development and management parts of your job, whilst assigning the slower boring admin to a designated colleague who actually enjoys spreadsheets and diary keeping, that is if such a person really exists. 

You'll get progression like nowhere else here. You'll be an integral cog in this machine. Your input into everything from the studio's overall business plan to the marketing budget to leadership and coordination of all marketing to selling the company at award submission time, etc will mean you'll be irreplaceable by the time your deeper understanding of the organisation kicks in. 

It'll be a challenge. You're in charge of lots of separate components, and lots of moving parts. You'll help make sure the company wins work, gets it's bid in on time and to a high standard. For this, you will need access to high-level knowledge of the business and its intricate workings. 

But it's not all hard work. You'll be working inside an award winning, well known Architectural Practice. Yes, that does mean you get to work with those sandal wearing creative types day in day out. You will also find an informal, inclusive and very social workplace. You'll learn a lot from the people you're working with, especially when exposed to business planning and the strategy behind a £4m turnover business alongside the Directors who have built this from scratch. 

The future looks like you being happy in a place you enjoy working and feel valued,  more money after promotions and pay rises as the practice and the role develops, a creative job in a job you are making a difference, a bigger team under your as the practice and your responsibilities grow and your CV looking absolutely fantastic after the level of experience you'll get here... that's if you ever want to leave, which you probably won't.